How to Choose the Right Bed

Choosing a dog bed can be difficult with so many choices and options available on the market and some of these companies claim they have the best. In reality, each dog is different and may have different needs depending on their lifestyle, age, and size. In this article, we will not only cover what you should be looking for depending on your dog but also some of our top recommendations for dog beds on the market.

You may think it’s not a big deal to have a bed that is a little small for your dog, but think about the potential issues that can result from having the wrong size dog bed:

Sore joints from not getting enough support

Sore muscles from being cramped in a small space

Not enough restful sleep

Hip and back problems (especially in large breeds)

Consider Size

Not all dog beds are created equal. You wouldn’t buy the same bed for a Chihuahua as you would a Bernese mountain dog. Measure the length of your pup before you go shopping for a bed so you know about what size to adhere to. Keep in mind that the bed should be 12 inches longer than the size of your dog so that its able to properly stretch out and be comfortable.


All dogs are different, they sleep in different positions, and their personality has to be considered when shopping for their new bed. In this case, picking the right type of the bed will often go together with the right size.

Does your dog like to curl up when sleeping? Many dogs instinctual sleep in a curled-up position to keep themselves warm and for the feeling of safety. Most bed sizes will work in this case, as long as they’re not too small, and you don’t need to pick an over-sized bed.

Does your dog like to stretch out when sleeping? A larger bed with plenty of room will be the best choice to prevent any discomfort for a dog that likes to stretch out. An over-sized bed to a lot of extra room will also provide good support for dogs with joint problems.

Pick Out a Bed with Plenty of Padding

You want your dog to be as comfortable as it can be when it lays down in its bed. For that reason, you should pick out a dog bed for your dog that has a lot of padding inside of it.

Some dog beds are only an inch or two thick. After your dog has used a bed like this for a few months, it’ll likely get worn down and make your dog feel like it’s sleeping on the floor.

Look for a bed that has at least a few inches worth of padding inside of it. It will set your dog up with all the cushioning it could ever want or need when it goes to take a nap.


Today, it’s always easier (and cheaper) to order dog beds online rather than browse at pet stores. The company will usually provide a good set of guidelines for you to pick an ideal bed for your specific dog.

Some will also have FAQs, quizzes and guides to further assist you with your choice. With enough help, the process is smooth, easy and will often cost far less than buying a dog bed at a pet store. You also get the benefit of browsing a large number of beds instead of being constricted to just a few choices.

But what about when you’re looking at pet beds in the pet store or in the department store? How are you supposed to know if those beds are big enough? First, you’ll have to bring a tape measure with you to measure any beds that you’re considering. Some owners may bring their pet with them to have the dog try out the bed, but that doesn’t always work as the dog may not want to lie down due to distractions, or the bed isn’t available for tryouts.

Generally, when in doubt, size up and buy a bigger dog bed. It’s not uncommon for dog owners to underestimate how much space their dog needs to be.