Q.  Are you insured?

A.  Yes. I am fully insured from a specialist pet insurer.

Q.  Do you walk hail, rain or shine?

A.  Yes. Dog walking will happen in most weather situations providing it is not dangerous for the dog such as extreme heat or inclement weather. In these cases, the walk will be rescheduled.

Q.  What happens in an emergency?

A.  I will attempt to call you or your nominated emergency contact to be advised on a course of action. However should I not be able to reach you, I will act in the best interests of your animal and take it to your preferred vet. If your vet is closed, an alternative will be used. All vet charges are the owners responsibility.

Q.  How will I know that my dog has been walked?

A.  I will leave a note for you after each visit.

Q.  Can you purchase supplies for my animal?

A.   Yes, however you will be charged a shopping surcharge.

Q: What happens if my dog escapes while I’m away?

A: Your dog will be wearing an ID tag stating Pettastic’s contact details on it. We will contact you and/or your emergency contact to arrange the safe return of your dog.

Q: What do I do if I need to cancel?

A: Please contact me via email or phone 48 hours before start date. Any cancellations after this time will incur a $50 cancellation fee. This is for any pet minding service.